case management criteria section 4 week 6




Section 4: Intake and Monitoring (300-350 words)                                                         Due Topic 6

Review Chapters 7-9 and 15 in the textbook. Keeping in mind empathy, boundaries, and effective communication skills, compose an introduction and 10-15 intake interview questions you would ask to assess your client.

Read Chapters 24-25 in the textbook. Next, provide a possible monitoring strategy (make sure to refer to your state’s regulations) including measurable goals, objectives, and the client/consumer’s role. Be certain to explain the client autonomy and how you will respect that autonomy. Explain your plan to handle a possible reluctance to change or collaboration your client/consumer may have. Determine appropriate interventions that align with specific client goals. Turn in Section 4 at the end of Topic 6 for instructor feedback.