BIO151 Module11-Nutrition Related Disorder Report Solved




Your finished report should include the following information:
1-2 sentence general statement about the disease and the major system affected
b. Cause
Describe what is responsible for the signs and symptoms: a virus, bacteria, inflammatory process, cancer, autoimmunity, genetics, injury, dietary deficiency or excess, etc.
When does the disease first appear? What group or groups are more prone to get the disease –children, adults, men, women, racial groups? Does it affect a particular age group?
d.Signs and Symptoms
List the top 5-8 in order of most life-altering.
This category includes diagnostic procedures, medications, physical, respiratory, occupational, therapies, surgical procedures, symptomatic treatments and counseling.
f.Diet Therapy/Diet ChangesChanges in diet, diet restrictions, sample diets for individuals with this disorderg.PreventionThis section includes vaccinations, lifestyle changes, community health measures, etc.
h.PrognosisHow long does the individual live with the disease? What is the quality of life? Is the disease curable?i.Relationship to nutritionThis category could include information about the effects of diet on the disease as well as the effects of the disease on diet and appetite