Module 03. Assignment- Create a Bibliography Solved




Create a bibliography that includes the titles, authors, publishers. copyright dates and short summaries of ten developmentally appropriate children’s books that you have used with young children. Each book should support a different topic related to children’s lives and challenges. Subjects you might consider addressing include:

  1. Cultural or Linguistic Group Identity
  2. Gender Identity
  3. Children with Special Needs
  4. Separation/Divorce/Remarriage/Blended Families
  5. Phases of the Cycle of life from Human Reproduction to Death
  6. Role models
  7. Respect
  8. Growing up
  9. Similarities
  10. New Sibling

Other topics that reflect the children and families with whom you work. Be sure the format and organization of your assignment are clear and include the following information:

  • The title “Resource Collection RC-III: Bibliography “
  • Your name
  • spelling and grammar to present a professional file item

Note: After you receive feedback from your instructor and make necessary from that feedback place