BIB350 Week3-Exegetical Paper Part I – Selecting a Passage and Bibliography Solved




The main assignment for this class is a paper focused on exegeting a passage in the Pentateuch. You will be working up to the final paper in a two-part process.

Part I is due in this topic and will be completed by filling out the provided document, “Exegetical Paper Part I – Selecting a Passage and Bibliography.” Part II will be completed during Topic 7, which will be your completed exegetical paper.

Exegetical Paper Part I –
Selecting a Passage and Bibliography


Writing an exegetical paper begins with choosing a passage and conducting research. In this assignment you will select a passage and find academic sources. As you are working toward the final paper that is due in Topic 7, be sure to make and implement a plan to read and reread the passage that you selected.

Step 1: Select a Passage:
When selecting a passage to write about for this two-part assignment, you will first need to choose between a passage that is either in the genre of law or one that is in the genre of narrative.
Choose a passage from the list below. If you would like to use a passage other than one listed below, it must first be approved by your instructor.
Narrative Passages
Genesis 3:1-24
Genesis 38:1-30
Exodus 4:18-31
Numbers 21:1-35
Law Passages
Exodus 23:1-3
Leviticus 19:17-18
Deuteronomy 17:14-20
Your Selected Passage:


Step 2: Bibliography:
Find a minimum of five academic sources from the GCU Library on the passage you selected. The goal for these sources is to help you with an exegetical study of your passage. Additional sources outside of the GCU Library may be used if approved by the instructor prior to use. Ensure that resources are in correct APA style.
Resource One
Reference and permalink:
<Insert Text>
Resource Two
Reference and permalink:
<Insert Text>
Resource Three
Reference and permalink:
<Insert Text>
Resource Four
Reference and permalink:
<Insert Text>
Resource Five
Reference and permalink:
<Insert Text>
Additional Source
Reference and permalink:
<Insert Text>