Application of Research- African American Culture





Review your research from previous your previous Annotated Bibliography in  least five of the following topic areas.



  • How children are raised
  • Contemporary life (such as food they eat, how they live–kinds of houses, styles of music, how they dress, and work they typically do today)

Social supports


Geographic and historical origins (sometimes there are many countries to consider, if so, you may want to choose just one)

Choose the five topic areas to share and discuss in your research paper and organize your research.

Write your research paper using traditional research paper organization

  • Introductory paragraph with your thesis statement
  • Your thesis statement should be at the end of the paragraph and should clearly explain the point of your paper
  • Five (5) Content Sections Using Bold Headings
  • Create a Bold heading for each of your topic areas
  • For each topic area, write three (3) paragraphs for the following-
  • Paragraph that describes facts which may be helpful and support work of early childhood educators and programs
  • Paragraph With specific Ideas for supporting children or families ot this culture This IS where you can give Ideas for activities or resources that you use

families of this culture

  • Paragraph that describes how the facts can apply to early childhood professionals Include examples of ways to build relationships With the families

that key area

  • Conclusion paragraph
  • Reference page in APA format