Argumentative Essay-Positive Effects of Social Media on Teens Solved




Draft the first part of your essay (3–4 pages) according to the following:

  1. Begin with your revised opening paragraph, and include your thesis statement and the quote from the Unit 2 Submission. Make sure you are addressing the audience that you have identified for your paper.
  2. Write 3 body paragraphs (including at least 1 quotation, 1 summarization, and 1 paraphrase with corresponding in-text citations and references in APA format).
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of your audience and cultural competence with your writing (e.g., word choice and bias).
  4. Incorporate multimedia (use the multimedia piece you decided on in the Unit 4 Submission assignment, use examples provided in the intellipath lessons, or get approval from your instructor). Multimedia—such as visuals, videos, audio—are often used in an essay to highlight, clarify, or further explain an item in that essay.
  5. Make sure you incorporate credible information sources (a minimum of 3; 1 of them a multimedia piece), and that they are cited in correct APA format (in-text citations and a corresponding References page).